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It’s a Game of Numbers!

InfluxOne is an online marketplace where brands can source for influencers who meet a certain number of followership target, to help promote their products on their various social media platforms. This idea trumps that of paying large sums to a single influencer when you can break the large sum into bits while yet reaching a far greater audience and more people get to interact with your product, thereby improving you chances of making more deals daily.

Discover influencers willing to work with you

InfluxOne gives you a 360 degree perspective on influencers proposals so you’re guaranteed the best match possible with your brand. It’s also really easy and effective. You get results within seconds.

Influencer Discovery

Search across demographics and location to find the right Creators.

Bid & Engage

Chat with influencers to bid, make offers, & send messages.

Manage multiple campaigns effortlessly

The number one challenge marketers identify with influencer marketing is finding the right influencers. InfluxOne “Request” feature ensures you don’t just find influencers, but the right influencers who are willing to work for your brand.


Leverage multiple social media channels to distribute brand messaging through influencers.


InfluxOne simplifies campaign budgets by keeping track of all your payments in one place.

Everything your team needs in one dashboard.

Access all the enterprise tools you need to build your brand. Through an automated Influencer Marketing Platform, the time consuming, manual tasks are simplified. InfluxOne removes heavy lifting and inefficiencies so you can focus on the high value creative strategy that sets your business apart.


Access all the tools you need to build and grow with influence.

Take Control

Manage influencer marketing campaigns from start to finish.

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